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Miles, McLaren, Amon, both Hills, Stewart, Gurney, AJ et al were my heroes in the old days and they all drove this kind of a car, if not this very one and i wanted to experience what they had experienced and i didn’t know any other way of doing it, except by trying to build a car like they drove.
After building the car, i discovered after driving it and racing it several times, that they are not only heroes they were Supermen. To drive at high speeds for the distances that they did, is an absolute miracle

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If you are reading this, you probably need no introduction to this most iconic of 1960’s Endurance Racers. We produce a chassis from original drawings, utilizing many of the time honoured skills deployed, back in the day. Additional parts to complete the build are detailed within the various sub menus listed below. Please use the Contact Form at the top of the page for initial enquiries.
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Ford GT40

  • Year: 1964-1969
  • Designed by: Roy Lunn, Eric Broadley, Phil Remington
  • Key Drivers: Ken Miles, Lloyd Ruby, Chris Amon, Bruce McLaren, Dan Gurney, Pedro Rodriguez, Jacky Ickx, Jackie Oliver
  • Engine: 4.2, 4.7, 4.9 and 7.0-litres (the 7.0-litre 427cu version produced 485bhp, 475lb ft of torque)
  • Transmission: ZF & Ford T-44 four-speed manual
  • Weight: 1207kg (Mark II)
  • Top speed: up to 215mph
  • Stand-out moment: 1-2-3 finish at Le Mans in 1966